Role of Microsoft Excel in writing process

Microsoft's Excel is a brilliant application that can be utilized to achieve student’s learning results. It is mainly used for data analysis including graphs, chart and creating tables. Many people are using Excel to do some essential data analysis assignments to see whether it is a sensible contrasting option to utilizing statistical package for similar assignment. Excel is the best opportunity to perform different data analysis process. It offers many commands, different functions and tool that simplify your data analysis task. We can save our time by using Microsoft Excel for many time consuming or complex calculations.

Microsoft Excel present lots of advantages with its function, equations, diagram, chart and tables. Microsoft Excel worksheets are of great help to almost everyone. We can get lots benefits from this Microsoft Excel. Both teacher and students can make easier their work with the help of Microsoft Excel during teaching and learning process. The exercises, for example, getting ready lesson designs, reviewing papers, making diagrams or tables and numerous other calculations can be perform effectively and productively by utilizing Microsoft Excel spreadsheets. Microsoft Excel spreadsheets consider as one of the best and standard platform for data storage and analysis for smaller data sets. We can perform different statistical analysis of data using Microsoft Excel. It helps to reduce our workload and help to simplify our analyzing process.

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