Structure of Critical Review

Writing is a nightmare for most of the students. Lack of proper knowledge and time leads them to think writing as complex task for them. There are different kinds of writings such as essay writing, dissertation writing, thesis writing and research paper writing etc. each paper has its own writing style and structure. If we follow the correct format for writing, we can get quality paper as an output.

A critical review is the summarization and analyzing of the thoughts and information in an article. It is not a simple summary but a critical review is little bit more than a simple summary. It is an examination and analyzing of an article, book or other written work. It includes writer’s opinion based on what you know on the particular subject and what you learn from that. To write a best critical review, we should understand the material properly and evaluate those using suitable criteria. Before start writing critical review paper, you should study the work properly under discussion. After that make notes on importance of the work. Analyze and understand of main points that are expressed in the work properly. Start writing critical review paper based on this research and analysis.

As other academic paper, critical review paper has three important parts as introduction, body and a conclusion part. In introduction we should specify the general overview of the topic and include evaluation of the qualities of the content. Introduction part should specify whether the arguments in that content are accurate or not .actually it is a summary or description of the given text. Conclusion is not important for critical review paper. If we feel that the conclusion is required, then you should sum up your statement on whole paper.

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