What is a review of an article?

An article review is a kind of academic paper writing, expected for giving a analysis of effectively written article; typically, such reviews are written to find errors and mistakes, to assess the significance of a directed research, to offer a clarification to reader and to underline main purpose of an research. In any case, you get this task to learn inventive and spontaneous academic writing.

Read the entire article before start writing. Without read the whole article we can’t write proper review. We should follow some rules for writing an article review. Each article review has some common element like introduction part, main body part, and conclusion part. The introduction part describes the summary of the article presented in body part. It is an important part of each article. It should attract to each reader and highlight all the important points of a main topic. In body part of article review, we should write briefly about the written article. Here we need to specify entire properties effectively. The last part is conclusion and we need to conclude the final result of article here. Write what you obtain from your reading and what you get from reading here.

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