What Kinds Of Abilities And Advantages Will Get Through Reading And Writing?

Reading and writing both are important and both are related to each other. A best reader can able to become best writer. Reading and writing both are help you to improve your knowledge and it also help you to improve your memory power. In the academic, they provide best library facilities. In the academic, students get good facilities but they not utilize those facilities. Many of the students are not interested read books, they like to watch or hear the information’s’. Students get all details from web. Internet is a large collection of data, students get data from web. Using social media is having two faces. It helps students to improve their knowledge. Some students are misuse the use of social media. Students get audio and video type data from web.

Here students are no need to read. Now in the modern life, children’s’ are not having reading habit. Many of the peoples don’’t know the importance of reading and writing habit. After the home, a child spent their time at academic. Teachers are push students to read more books. Here at home also parents are telling their children’s’ to read more books. Reading syllabus book is not enough for students to build bright future. Syllabus information is not enough for a child to reach their success point. For reaching the success point they need other knowledge. While reading, the data will be automatically saved in your brain. Reading habit is helpful for brain development also. Concentration very important, if you read something without concentration then definitely it will not saved at your brain.

Numerous individuals have lost enthusiasm for reading, a few youngsters, even think that it’’s exhausting as they like to play computer games or invest all their energy in their telephones. All students are having some goals. Academic mark is very important for students. Many of the students are red books only at exam time because they think that academic mark is given based on the exam marks only. Exam mark is important but the all other academic marks are also very important. Technologies are improving day by day, so that only many of them are forgot to read. Now the numbers of writers are very less. The main reason for decreasing number of writers is because of decreasing the reading habit

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