The Main Reasons For Students Are Feeling Very Stress In Academic And How To Reduce It?

In the modern life style, all are busy. A child also can’t get time to play. When a child starts their academic carrier that time itself they want to go for other extra classes like tuition class. The music class dance class etc will start early ages. Generally, children’s are can’t get proper free time. Now the new generation children’s are busy with social Medias. No one not mingling with others and it affect relationships very badly. As like a coin, the social Medias also have two faces. Social media is having advantages and disadvantages. There are some peoples are misuse the usage of social media. Over usage of social media is making a person very lazy. Here in this case of students life is also, they spend more time with social media and finally they become very lazy and it affects their study. The main reason for feeling academic stress is that, many of them are simply wasting their time.

Time is very essential but students are simply wasting their time. Social media are really helpful for students to improve their knowledge but most of them are misuse the use of social media. By the use of social media help a student to improve their communication skill. Communication skill is very important. Many of the students are don’t having good communication skill. If students not have good communication skill then they feel very stress in some tasks and also they want to face many stresses in their future. In the future students want to attend many job interviews. In the job interview many of the candidates are feeling stress because of bad communication skill. At academic, they provide all facilities for students to study but most of them are not use those facilities properly. If the students are using the facilities properly then they can’t feel the stress and they can able to score best marks without any stress. A student wants to study many subjects. Teachers are trying their maximum for their student’s success.

All subjects are having individual teachers. So that only students get different tasks from different teachers. In the academic, timing is very strict. Students want to submit all tasks within the perfect time. For example: in the academic students are having writing task. In the writing task, the academic mark is given based on the quality of the content of the paper and submission date. Here in the writing task, many of the students are simply copy data from the web and submit the paper within time. Here after submitting the paper, teachers first check plagiarism and only after make sure about plagiarism, they provide final paper. The main reasons for students are feeling stress in academic writing is because, now most of the students are don’t have reading habit. The lack of reading habit make a student very lazy and those who are don’t having reading habit, they feel very stress to follow the academic. Another reason for students are feeling stress in academic is that, most of them are not study early, they start studies one day before the deadline. In the case of task is also the start their task in the last minute this also feels a student very stress.

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