What Abilities Are Pointing Success When I Learning A Subject And Writing Exam?

The word study is important in all students’ life. The all students are learning the basic ideas by going to the school. To going school by study all moral values and getting a wide range of views about the life. The moral values are more important in a student’s life. The moral values are integrity, helping mentality, respect, love, hard work, etc are more important on a good students. To teaching the moral values is the important duty of the teachers. The basic lesson about the life is started on the school. Both teachers and parents are taking equal role in teaching the basic values and a student success is on the hand of teacher and parents. To study well is the major job of all students. Today the education or qualification is most important in all fields like jobs, marriage, etc. so a good qualification is important in our daily life.

Today most of the students are thinking question is “What abilities are pointing success when I learning a subject and writing exam” it is a more familiar and valuable question. Our curricular planning is the correct answer of this question. Our curricular planning contains the examinations, classes, exercises, etc. The exams are a major tool for the educational system. To writing exams are not focusing the students result only. There are different methods of written exams are writing the students, such as short answer questions, essay writing exams, multiple choice question, open text exam, home exams, oral examinations. These all type of exams is more helpful to the students by getting different values.

Short answer questions: It is a very easy to check and these type questions are checking the students knowledge about that chapter that is to checking how many portions are covering the student and how students have understood.

Essay writing: This method of assessment is checking the knowledge about that subject, and students creativity, languages.

Multiple choice questions: This examination method is giving multiple answers. This type of exams is conducted to learning the student knowledge about that topic. And this type examination increases the student’s memory.

Open text exams: The students are using text books or other materials for writing the exam. These type exams are helpful to test the student’s knowledge and understanding.

Computer based examination: computer based examination the students will get fast feedback on their answer. It increases the student’s memory power, and concentration.

Home exams: This type exam distributing questions on students. This will improve the student’s knowledge.

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